FAQ - ReviewsMotion

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1What is ReviewsMotion?

ReviewsMotion is a community where users can add their apps for other users to test them out and leave their opinions.
This will allow developers to improve their applications with the help of user comments, which can give ideas for improvement, point out glitches, or simply confirm that the app is great and that everything works properly.
Ratings are the cornerstone for correct positioning in the major app stores, so getting feedback in a real and natural way is a must for any app developer or marketing manager.

2I’m interested, how do I start?

The only thing you have to do is sign up for the community. You will receive a welcome email through which you will have to confirm your email address. From that moment on, all you have to do is add the first apps you want to be reviewed. Then, start reviewing other users' apps to obtain points in order to get reviews for your own apps.

3What does ReviewsMotion offer?

ReviewsMotion allows you to get real, genuine reviews in a natural way.
These reviews will help you make a better app and improve the user experience, allowing you to see which features people like and dislike, and even pointing out errors and glitches.
By getting reviews for your apps, you will get higher positions in the major mobile application stores, i.e. Google Play, the iTunes App Store.
All of this combined with the enhanced user experience will result in more downloads and higher revenues.

4How does ReviewsMotion work?

In ReviewsMotion you will get 100% real reviews for your apps in a fast and simple way. All you have to do is to follow these steps:

1. Sign up if you haven’t done it yet and confirm your email address through the welcome message you will receive.

2. Login using your username and password.

3. Go to “My apps” section and add the apps you want to get reviewed/rated by other community users.

4. In order to receive reviews for your apps, you must review other users’ apps first. Once you do this, you will obtain 1 point, which will allow you to receive one review for your apps. You can review other users’ apps by accessing the “Reviews” or "Rate" section.

5. To submit a review properly, you need to take a screenshot of it and submit it to the platform. Once you post the screenshot, you will get 1 point.

6. When another user reviews one of your apps, you will lose one point.
In other words, for each app you review, you will get a review for one of your apps. It’s just that simple.

The submitted reviews must be 100% real and legit, since the users can check the screenshot you uploaded and report them if something wrong or fraudulent is detected. When a user is detected skipping the rules, he/she will be immediately banned from the platform.

5Who is ReviewsMotion aimed at?

The community has been especially created for anybody who wants increase the quality of their app, get people to test their app, and increase their reviews.

6What are the community rules/guidelines to do the reviews?

It’s mandatory to follow the rules when submitting reviews. You can check those rules in your control panel:


The purpose of ReviewsMotion is to present your app so that other users can test your app and give an honest and detailed opinion. Remember that the non-compliance of these norms will cause the expulsion of the user from the community.

Using ReviewsMotion with any other purpose or skipping the community rules or the terms of service, may result in the user account being banned.

7When can I report a review?

If you detect that one of the received reviews doesn't meet the community guidelines, you can report this review to the admins for its examination.

You can only report reviews you have received in the last 30 days. If you report older reviews, they cannot be examined.

8How to send reviews properly?

Follow these simple steps to review apps correctly:

  1. First, click on “Download and review”, in order to access the app store where you will be able to download the app (Google Play or iTunes, depending on the platform).
  2. Download the app and try it.
  3. Once you have tried it, go back to the corresponding app store and write a review including your opinion. This review must have at least 2 or 3 sentences with your opinion. Register the review properly in Google Play or iTunes.
  4. Take a screenshot of the review.
  5. Go back to ReviewsMotion.com community and click on “Upload Screenshot”, to add the screenshot from the review you just did.
  • IMPORTANT: It is not the same to review Android or iOS apps.
    • On Android apps: You must take the screenshot AFTER submitting the review.
    • On iOS apps: You must take the screenshot BEFORE submitting the review.
  • Examples:

Android reviews: You must take the screenshot AFTER submitting the review.


iOS reviews: You must take the screenshot BEFORE submitting the review.

Remember that you MUST SUBMIT/SEND the review on the AppStore. If not, your account could be banned.

9I have uploaded my apps, ¿When will I receive reviews?

ReviewsMotions is a review exchange community, so once you upload your app, you’ll have to wait until your app is displayed to other users and they decide to review it.
If you have 0 points, community users won’t be able to review your app, so remember to have always 1 point or more to get reviews.
If you want to receive reviews faster, you can become Premium, and you will have a great number of benefits.

10I can't find my review in Google Play / App Store

Here you can read some reasons why you could not be seeing your review in Google Play or App Store:
- Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours until you can see a review in the app store. Maybe Google or Apple are not showing the review at that moment or it is taking longer than expected. This is something out of our control and it depends on their own algorithms.
- In iOS reviews, bear in mind that you need to check each country, since reviews are shown in the country where the user made the review.

11How many apps can I have in my account?

You can add 2 apps to your account absolutely for free. If you want to add more apps, you will have to get a Premium membership or just purchase slots to add more apps at a very cheap price.
This allows us to maintain the community, to continue providing excellent support, and to pay the hosting and other expenses.

12What app platforms are currently available?

Currently, you can add and review apps for iOS and Android platforms. You can review apps of any of these 2 platforms and use the obtained points to get more reviews for your apps, no matter what the platform is.

13How many apps should I review daily?

There are no daily limits when it comes to reviewing apps, just try to be natural when doing so.

14Does this community violate the developers' policies?

The objective of ReviewsMotion is to provide a platform for developers to present their apps to be tested and reviewed in order to improve their quality. Users of the platform will only review an app if they wish to do so and find it appropriate. Nobody is obligated to leave any reviews. No users will be charged nor paid for giving or receiving a review and there are no rules or standards in regards to the rating that should be given to other members of the community. Reviews will be based on the honest opinion of each user after trying the app. For this reason, the community doesn’t violate any policies of Android or iOS.

So far there has not been any known case of members having problems caused by the use of this service, however, the actions taken by the app stores are way beyond our control.

Up next you will find the developers program policies so you can take a look at them.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/about/developer-content-policy.html

iTunes: https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/